It’s just another day..

It’s the fourth of July! Happy fourth of July!

Here it is just another day. The kids are still in school, everyone is at work, and there are no fireworks or BBQs. I didn’t think it would bother me until the sun started shinning and I realized how big a role family plays in the celebration and how much I miss them.

In spite of that, I tried to spread the cheer! I made festive cup cakes for school, but no one seemed to care (or notice my super cute Red White and Blue outfit) about anything other than digesting them. So I brought some to our neighbors in the pizza place and some more to the tattoo shop. Once they gave me the reaction I was looking for I perked up a bit. :p

Anyways. These are my fourth of July cup cakes. Marble cake with a semi cream cheese frosting. Nom!


In other news my best friend is coming to Deutschland in two weeks! I’m so excited for my very first visitor!

Hope your fourth is happy and fun!

This seems to cheer me up!