O Summer, Summer, Wherefore art thou Summer?

Hi there!

I’ve been so kaputt lately! Jeez.

Duisburg has been rainy and cold everyday this June. I am not in summer mode. This is not summer!!

I’ve been baking…I made a quasi summer cup cake! (strawberries say summer right?)

Double Chocolate filled with strawberry cream. Nom!


I also made my first peanut butter cookies! I got a big jar of Jiff (from my American boss!) so I said why not? They couldn’t have turned out better, well besides the batch I burned. But hey burning 1 batch out of 10 is an improvement for me 🙂

They turned out to be better than Dosie-does (the girl scout cookie). I really was not expecting that at all!

Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies! Recipe found here.


Now back to my attempt to make this crappy June into summer. Strawberries. Strawberries. I made a home made strawberry soda. Very simple (and sweet). I made a strawberry simple syrup and added club soda! Haha, the fist time it was wayyy too sweet so I cut back an the sugar and it was great.

The awesome thing is since it is homemade you can pick your sugar! Stevia or Splenda or organic or just normal white.

I love being able to know what’s going on in my fizzy drink.


Since its been like this….


I’ve been going crazy and doing things like this…


I hope you’re enjoying your summer!