The Bad Habit

I am ashamed to say I bite my nails. It’s a disgusting habit but I can’t seem to stop, until now.

I was told a story not too long about a little girl who couldn’t stop biting her nails. So her mom started painting them and just like that she stopped biting them. What girl wants to ruin cute nails!? I said awww how sweet and never thought about again it until just now. When I realized that I did the same thing without even thinking about it.

I received a manicure from my mother in law for Easter. I haven’t gotten my nails done since my high school dance era. I picked out a nice red and was very pleased.


It lasted about a week. (I use the word lasted here very lightly) Because I enjoyed having cute nails so much I painted them again myself.

Cut to two weeks later….and my nails are longer than ever and teeth mark free!

I needed to do something to keep me on this great path so I bought some cute polish.


I’m no professional so it’s not perfect but O M G. I love this color! I love the sparkles I love it!

I keep showing them to my husband , look ! look!
He really tries to seem happy for me but he doesn’t understand it. (also after the 30th time I’m sure he was thinking I’ve finally lost it haha) He is just happy he isn’t sitting in my nail bitings anymore. Yuck!!

Have a nice day! I’m going to go and stare at my sparkly pink nails some more. 🙂