So, I have been baking a bunch lately. Not over kill but frequently.

I finally made chocolate chip cookies thanks to Jennifer. I got this on her shipment from the US. Yay! They were great a bit crunchy on the edges but chewy in the middle! Just the way I like them.


I also tried out a new recipe. Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Loaf. It was delicious. Coated with a lemon simple syrup and lemon glaze it was moist and lemony. Recipe found here.


Also I tried out a new tie dye icing thing. It looks pretty cool.


Friday is a friend’s birthday and I plan on baking some new cupcake combinations! I am also going to try out jello shots. I have never made jello with out the help of my mom-mom and I was certainly not making the alcohol kind!

Hope it all goes well!

A little wink from Heshe 🙂