Cool American

That’s right! Americans are super cool.

I used to love Ranch dressing. But my taste buds have matured and today I’d prefer a nice vinaigrette to some gloppy Ranch. Not saying I don’t still enjoy it as a dipping option… Well here in wonderful Germany there is no ranch. There are creamy yogurt dressings of every sort, even Thousand Island (though it’s not called that). It is no big deal for me but when I think about some people I know I have to laugh.

In the school cafeteria on pizza day approximately 70% of the students had a puddle of Ranch on their trays. The first time I saw someone slather their pizza in Ranch I was appalled. In what world is pizza better with ranch?? In the American world apparently.

So Americans because of our unhealthy obsession with unhealthy food we get to be cool. Nope. I think it should be called Unhealthy Americans. Way better suited.


Speaking of cool I’d like to introduce you to the coolest cats I know.

I made them their first bow ties and they are looking spiffy.



and Heshe.