I currently work in Angermund. A small town on the outskirts of a large city, Düsseldorf. It is nice and quiet. Most of the people who live here are retired with a handful of young international families tossed in. Jennifer, the woman I work for, always laughs about how the cars are in the drive way 99% of the time and it seems no one ever leaves until trash day. Haha

It will be a year in July since I’ve been working here and I have only met one neighbor. Germans are very cold. Not friendly but at the same time not unfriendly. It’s not a stereotype like Europeans say about Americans, fat, loud and not very bright, it’s just a fact of life! Haha

Of course we all know (american) people who are loud, rude, and we would rather not be around but as an American I believe we aren’t all that way!

When I was in the US over Christmas I had more conversations with strangers than my two years here. (granted I am much more eager to speak English) Polite chit chat is just part of going anywhere public. Not here. No way! Haha, I get polite smiles now and again. Even my wonderful loving husband would rather not socialize outside of family & friends.

To each his own!

Enjoy your day & enjoy your small talk!

This was taken in the woods of Angermund, back in fall. Soon we will take spring photos! Yay!