It’s just another day..

It’s the fourth of July! Happy fourth of July! Here it is just another day. The kids are still in school, everyone is at work, and there are no fireworks or BBQs. I… Continue reading

O Summer, Summer, Wherefore art thou Summer?

Hi there! I’ve been so kaputt lately! Jeez. Duisburg has been rainy and cold everyday this June. I am not in summer mode. This is not summer!! I’ve been baking…I made a quasi… Continue reading

Kölner Dom

Finally! It’s been two years but I made it. I’ve seen the biggest landmark in Germany! The Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) is the most visited historical land mark in Germany. They started building… Continue reading

The Bad Habit

I am ashamed to say I bite my nails. It’s a disgusting habit but I can’t seem to stop, until now. I was told a story not too long about a little girl… Continue reading


So, I have been baking a bunch lately. Not over kill but frequently. I finally made chocolate chip cookies thanks to Jennifer. I got this on her shipment from the US. Yay! They… Continue reading

Cool American

That’s right! Americans are super cool. I used to love Ranch dressing. But my taste buds have matured and today I’d prefer a nice vinaigrette to some gloppy Ranch. Not saying I don’t… Continue reading


It’s been so beautiful the past couple days! Turns out that I also had food poisoning. It was so horrible. I don’t want to get gross about it but oh boy! Haha, but… Continue reading


Today we got new wallpaper in our kitchen! My father-in-law helped us (well he did most of it haha). It looks so nice and goes perfectly with the red cabinets. I love it!… Continue reading


I currently work in Angermund. A small town on the outskirts of a large city, Düsseldorf. It is nice and quiet. Most of the people who live here are retired with a handful… Continue reading

Here goes nothing!

Well this is a strange feeling, writing to no one & everyone. My intentions are to post/write/blog/whatever regularly…we will see how that works out! I took a walk with Kyle, the little boy… Continue reading